Early Cancer Detection Test: Paving the Way for a Healthier India

In the crucial battle against cancer, the role of Early Cancer Detection Tests cannot be overstated. These tests are the cornerstone of defeating cancer in India, offering a beacon of hope by identifying the disease at its nascent stage. Engaging with Early Cancer Detection Tests significantly elevates the chance of successful treatment, making it a pivotal strategy in our collective fight against this illness.

Early Cancer Detection Tests serve as a critical tool in our arsenal against cancer. By catching cancer in its initial stages, these tests not only boost survival rates but also simplify the treatment process. For countless individuals across India, Early Cancer Detection Tests mean the difference between a daunting prognosis and a manageable condition.

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Essential Early Cancer Detection Tests Everyone Should Know


Mamography Cost Ahmedabad

Mammography is a specialized breast imaging technique used to detect breast cancer early, often before any symptoms appear. By using low-dose X-rays, mammograms can reveal tumors that are too small to be felt by hand. Regular mammography screenings can significantly reduce breast cancer mortality by providing a chance for early treatment.

At Impact by Dr Ekta, we believe that everyone should have access to breast cancer screenings, and thus we are promoting them very aggressively. At our associate center, the cost of 3D mammography is just INR 1100, while the routine cost is around INR 2000. So, don’t hesitate—book your 3D mammography today at our center.

Pap Smear Test

The Pap smear test is crucial for detecting cervical cancer at an early stage. It involves collecting cells from the cervix to identify any precancerous or cancerous changes. This test is the cornerstone of cervical cancer prevention, allowing for early intervention and significantly improving treatment outcomes.

At Impact by Dr Ekta, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to essential cervical cancer screenings. Therefore, we are actively promoting Pap smear tests. At our associate center, the cost of a Pap smear test is just INR 700, compared to the routine price of INR 1200. Don’t delay—schedule your Pap smear test at our center today.


Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows for the early detection of colorectal cancer. It involves the examination of the entire colon and rectum with a camera-equipped flexible tube. Detecting and removing polyps during a colonoscopy can prevent colorectal cancer, highlighting its importance in cancer screening protocols.

Low-Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) for Lung Cancer

For individuals at high risk of lung cancer, especially long-term smokers, LDCT scans offer a method for early detection. This test uses low doses of radiation to make detailed images of the lungs, detecting abnormal areas that may indicate the presence of cancer. Early detection through LDCT can significantly improve survival rates in lung cancer patients.

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

The PSA test measures the level of prostate-specific antigen in the blood, which can be an indicator of prostate cancer. Elevated PSA levels may prompt further diagnostic evaluation. While the PSA test can detect prostate cancer early, its use must be balanced with the risk of overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Skin Examinations

Regular skin checks, both by healthcare professionals and through self-examination, are vital for detecting skin cancer early. Early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers is critical, as it significantly increases the likelihood of successful treatment and survival.


When other tests indicate the possibility of cancer, a biopsy is often the definitive way to diagnose cancer. This procedure involves taking a small sample of tissue for examination under a microscope. Biopsies can confirm the presence of cancer and provide critical information about the type and stage of cancer, guiding treatment decisions.