Portrait of Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana, a professional and compassionate Medical Oncologist based in Ahmedabad.

I am Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana

DM Medical Oncology,
ECMO (European board Certified Medical Oncology)

Welcome to our journey of hope and healing. I, Dr Ekta Vala Chandarana is a dedicated Medical Oncologist and Hemato-Oncologist based in Ahmedabad, committed to transforming cancer care with empathy and innovation.

My educational journey is marked by a series of prestigious qualifications, underscoring my depth of expertise in the field of oncology. My credentials include:

  • EMCO: European board Certified in Medical Oncology, a testament to my adherence to international standards in cancer treatment.
  • D.M. in Medical Oncology & Hematology: From The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad, showcasing my specialized knowledge in both cancer and blood disorders.
  • M.D. in General Medicine: Completed at Civil Hospital, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of general medicine.
  • MBBS from NHL MMC, Ahmedabad: The foundational degree that initiated my journey into the medical profession.

At the heart of my practice is a patient-first approach. I believe in treating not just the disease but the individual as a whole. This means integrating cutting-edge medical treatments with emotional and psychological support to ensure holistic care.

Specializations of Dr Ekta Vala Chandarana and Areas of Interest

In my practice, I focus on areas where I can make the most significant impact based on my expertise and passion. My key specializations and areas of interest include:

Cancer treatment is more than a medical procedure; it’s a partnership between the patient and the healthcare team. My philosophy revolves around empowering patients with knowledge and support, helping them to make informed decisions about their care.

Treatments and Services Offered by Dr Ekta - Leading Medical Oncologist in Ahmedabad

My commitment to providing comprehensive cancer care is reflected in the wide range of treatments and services available to my patients. These include: